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Support & Strategies for Families with Unconventional, Challenged and Differently-Abled Children

It’s no secret that parenting is an ADVENTURE! And if you care for a child or children with challenges or special needs, sometimes it might feel like trekking through a vast, unknown wilderness without a map or compass. The way can be rough, unpredictable and exhausting.

What are your greatest challenges or areas of concern when it comes to parenting?

Does your child struggle at home or in school with social, sensory, mental, physical, developmental, medical or behavioral challenges? Do you feel lost in a forest of diagnoses, therapies, interventions, specialists and resources? Disconnected from your child or your partner? Physically, mentally and emotionally overwhelmed and exhausted? Or perhaps you’re unsure of even which path to take to get started with support or intervention for your child?

Whatever you are experiencing, let me tell you that you are not alone! I’ve met many families that feel frustrated, stressed-out, discouraged and stuck in their current situations. And as a mom to two differently-wired children myself, I’ve been there and I can relate! But I can also tell you that your journey does not have to be dominated by stress, struggle, unsure steps and seemingly insurmountable obstacles. It can truly be filled with direction, purpose, love, peace, connection, understanding and joy!

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My Mission

What would success look like for your family, right now, right where you are on your unique journey? My mission as a coach is to support, encourage and empower families with challenges and special needs to:

  • harness their inner courage and wisdom
  • take care of themselves wholly and fully
  • advocate effectively for themselves and their children
  • seek the right services that meet both children’s and families’ unique needs
  • co-create safe, supportive environments and strong loving connections
  • achieve less stress and more family success through practical, strength-based and heart-centered approaches.

If any of this resonates with you, and you would like to learn more, please contact me at

I would be happy to provide you with a free discovery session to see if we would be a good fit to work together.

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About Me

Hi, my name is Rachel Hunter.

I’m honored to provide support coaching to parents and families with special needs and challenges.

My training is in Law of Attraction Life Coaching, Parent & Family Coaching and Coaching Families with Special Needs. Most importantly, though, I’m a mom to two beautiful, unconventional children: Ethan (9 years old) and Lillie (3 years old).

Everything I’ve experienced and learned over the years, in parenting my own children with special needs, has helped me to expand my horizons and grow personally – in amazing ways I never dreamed possible… and the adventure continues!

And now I get to give back – through empowering other families to discover that all the courage and wisdom they truly need to transform their biggest obstacles into abundant pathways to success and joy already lives within them, just waiting to be tapped into!

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